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We are here to serve you. We have been a practice of excellence since 1973.

With over 40 years of orthopedic service, the Orthopaedic Sports Health Clinic of Salina continues to provide quality orthopedic health care to patients of all ages.


The Orthopaedic Sports Health Clinic of Salina continues to strive for excellence in orthopedic care. Our physicians provide world class care and treatment options with a personal touch that serve residents throughout North Central Kansas.

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Orthopedics is a medical speciality that deals with problems related to the musculoskeletal system (muscles and bones). It includes acute problems arising from injury, (strains, sprains, and fractures) as well as arthritis, bursitis, etc. Orthopedics overlaps with other medical specialties. If your medical difficulty falls outside the orthopedic field, we will refer you to an appropriate physician.

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Life doesn’t stop happening. Neither does change. We move through changes with you at Orthopaedic Sports Health Clinic of Salina, equipped and prepared to support you through life’s many seasons—from sore back season to need new running shoes season, and to the stop and smell the roses season.